Scheme therapy

Schema therapy is a modified version of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), however aimed at treating personality disorders.

The creation of the schema-therapy was necessary in cases where the ordinary CBT did not cope with serious chronic personality disorders.

Such disorders, like:

Therefore, schema-therapy aims to help the patient cope with this type of disorders with the help of special techniques and approaches, change the patient’s lifestyle and personality structure. Special models of both acceptable and pathological personality development were outlined by means of schema therapy. This way, Jeffrey Yong singled out 18 negative schemes and ways to solve them. These behavior patterns occur as a result of dissatisfaction with basic emotional needs in childhood. Thus, schema therapy aims to satisfy those needs during the therapy sessions and direct the patient on the path of full mental recovery.

Being an integration of CBT, schema therapy uses the following principles:

Schema therapy can be used on individual, couple, or group therapy sessions.

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