Advantages of an internet therapy


Online psychotherapy with Kartsev Anton

Online psychotherapy is a consultation with a qualified specialist by means of internet connection through Skype, Viber etc.

Advantages of online psychotherapy:

Internet psychotherapy is in no way worse that ordinary cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. Based on numerous studies in this field, one can state with absolute certainty that tele-psychotherapy is just as effective in combating depression, anxiety (panic attacks, social phobia), eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, etc.), game addiction and lots of other mental disorders.

By choosing online psychotherapy, you will be able to fight:

After the first tele-psychotherapy session you will for sure:

Remember that the therapist will always:

You have 3 ways to make an appointment with a specialist and agree on the date and time of your online consultation:

1. Schedule online
On the website go to "Schedule an appointment"
Choose the day and time of the desired consultation
Enter your payment method and wait for the confirmation.

2. Make a call
You can always have a call back, or call yourself (+38 097 811 99 09)

3. Sign up in messengers.
Viber +38 068 989 01 84
WhatsApp, Telegram +38 097 811 99 09

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