Mindfulness is an effective scientifically proven psychotherapeutic approach, which uses concentration and meditation practices for coping with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and other psychological problems and disorders. Mindfulness helps to cope with stress, anxiety and fatigue, become more organized, energized and relaxed at the same time.

Clinical studies show that Mindfulness helps to improve life quality, general mood, escpecially for those with chronic pain.

Mindfulness improves

Mindfulness is recommended for those who:

Mindfulness helps you have a better mood and cope with daily stresses faster and more efficiently.

Mindfulness develops the ability to observe internal processes without merging with them, but also without suppressing them. This therapy teaches us to accept ourselves the way we are, automatically improving our inner attitude, thus eliminating constant self-criticism and internal torment. After Mindfulness sessions, a patient fully accepts himself in the present, completely getting rid of irrational thoughts.

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